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X-Men Forever2 - Volume 1: Back in Action

X-Men Forever 2, Volume 1: Back in Action - Chris Claremont, Tom Grummett, Rodney Buchemi I stopped following the X-Men a long time ago, when comics got too expensive and real life got in the way. Also it seemed to me back then (early 90s?) all the X titles just got to be too much. I couldn't keep up with all the crazy spin-offs that, I felt, were just ways to milk a cash cow.

But this series was a happy find. Chris Claremont's writing felt comfortable to me like a favorite pair of sneakers and although things have changed with the X folks there seems to be enough of a continuity (at least with my memory) for me to pick up on what I've missed. Reading this was like meeting up with old friends after being away for many years.

Now I still can't figure out everything that went on with the Marvel Universe while I was gone,all the ret-cons, the additional universes all that stuff, but I'll have a good time figuring it out.