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The Woods Are Dark - Richard Laymon Wow. Not a good wow, more like a "huh?" wow. The story kept me reading, although the whole thing was a bit of a mess. I have to acknowledge that this was one of his earlier works, I guess. This was the first of his books I have read. His daughter explains that the original was heavily changed by the publishers, so this is her attempt at putting the original back together after his death. I respect her motives, but I don't know that it was altogether successful.

Some aspects were. It had plenty of action and some genuine bits of fright. And lots of gore, too, if you happen to like that sort of thing.

But there were some issues that affected the work overall. One, the characters were kind of dumb. I guess you have to expect in a horror story that the protagonists are going to do something stupid eventually, but none of the characters in this book made a whit of sense to me. I hated Lander Dills. Clearly, he had some sexual hang ups at the start (who talks to his daughter that way?).

Oh, yeah, and the sex-- I don't have anything against explicit sex, mind you, but this sex was just too goofy...

Actually, a good analogy for this book is like watching a Troma movie, but without the humor.

All that being said, I'm glad I read it, but I wouldn't rush out to recommend it to anyone. I'd still read another one by Laymon becuase I hear he's got some good stuff. I'm just hoping that this one is an anomaly.