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The Tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers - Stephen King Long, maybe overlong, the story is propelled solely by King's ability to spin a yarn, which he does masterfully. Many of the episodes in the book I could have done without, but they were nevertheless entertaining simply because King has that ability to yak at you. Also, there were bits that were, quite frankly, kind of dumb (um, a killer Coke machine? Seriously?) But, again, King has that pathological liar's talent to keep you interested despite the apparent goofiness.

I have to say, I thought the ending was a bit rushed, especially after such a long build up. I can forgive him that, though, because the pure weirdness of the story, and the unexpected hilarity of some of the episodes, made me smile. I know this is not considered one of King's finest, but it's still a pretty fun read (and even though it is too long, it reads pretty quickly).