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Angel Town - Lilith Saintcrow I have a habit of picking up books in a series out of order. Got this from the library just because it seemed kind of interesting. Maybe that affected my enjoyment of the book, I don't know, but it didn't work for me.

Maybe it was because I arrived late, reading the last book in the series first(!), but the start was promising. Jill Kismet wakes up in a grave with no memory. I figure, hey, that's fine because I don't know what's going on anyway. I'll learn as she does. It didn't really work out that way. Despite the fact that she starts out with no memory, she gets it back pretty fast. Lots of characters and terms that maybe I should have been familiar with but wasn't. I just couldn't keep up with it and halfway through the book I was pretty confused. But I had to finish. There was a lot of action. Maybe too much and that sort of added to the feeling of confusion. Seems like there was rarely a pause to take a breather.

So I was a little disappointed. I mean I like strong, gun-and-knife weilding, leather-wearing women as much as anyone else, but Kismet seemed to have too much attitude for the tender moments to feels convincing. By the way, why does every female urban fantasy protagonist seem to have a stud were-creature for a boyfriend? I have to admit that I don't read much urban fantasy, but that seems to be the trend.

Saintcrow's prose through Kismet's first-person narrative is at times beautiful and evocative, but more often wanders into purple-prose territory, which means a lot of scanning of paragraphs for me. Got kinda old. Also, she gets lazy with the word fuck. I'm not a language prude but the "fucks" just got repetitive, like filler for dialogue.

But, hey, I'm not saying it's awful. It just didn't do it for me for a variety of reasons. If it were a movie I can see myself digging it. A lot of visual action going on in there. And I did like the story. I just didn't like Jill Kismet telling the story to me. If I were a fellow Hunter in the book, she and I probably wouldn't be close friends. I'd get tired of her voice.

I probably won't go back to read the other books in the series, but I'd be willing to read another by Saintcrow. I don't generally give up on an author after one book, or even one series. It might be that this one just wasn't for me. So, two stars. It was okay, not awful, but it didn't stand out and I couldn't like it enough for a three