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Power Girl, Vol. 1: A New Beginning - Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner Collecting issues #1-6 of Power Girl's solo series, Power Girl: A New Beginning finds Superman's buxom alternate-earth cousin Kara Zor-L, now unable to return to her own dimension, trying to start a new life in this earth, which includes starting up a bio-tech firm, finding an apartment and maintaining a secret identity (which I think would be kind of hard since she doesn't even wear a mask. Is that the purpose of the peek-a-boo cleavage cut out in her uniform, to distract observers from identifying her face?). But things aren't easy for a single career-minded woman, especially when her hobby is saving the world in her spare time.

Power Girl: A New Beginning is a lot of fun and while I enjoy comics that push the boundaries of the medium and advance the art, sometimes you just want to see a pretty super-heroine pound bad guys. Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti set up a storyline that is serious enough to grant some weight to Power Girl's battles, but light and humorous enough to make it fun. And what can I say about Amanda Connors' art and Paul Mounts' colors that you wouldn't already know at first glance? It's awesome. Amanda Connors is my favorite artist for Power Girl. Connors' PG is strong, yet feminine, sexy but not sexist and she has a particular talent for drawing facial expressions that really pop. Paul Mounts' colors complement her work perfectly, adding wonderful dimension. This is the perfect creative team for Power Girl.

Also featuring is PG's new bestie/sidekick Terra, who is too cute for words. To put it simply, I love what they're doing with this series and, in my opinion, the creative team has really turned Power Girl into something more special, real and respectable than just a female Superman with big boobs. Gray's/Palmiotti's/Conners'/Mounts' Power Girl is a lot of fun and makes me remember why I love comics in the first place.