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The Carnival of Death - L. Ron Hubbard Two stories in this one, "Carnival of Death" and "The Death Flyer." First is a murder mystery set (you guessed it) in a carnival. Secret Service agent Bob Clark is undercover investigating a dope ring. Lots of shooting and fisticuffs. In the end it works out like a murder mystery, but it's pretty way out. Sort of like when you cram pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together to make them fit. Unsubtle and unsophisticated, but I didn't expect it to not be and it was a decent read and fairly representative of pulp stories of the time. Coming from a modern-day sensibility, I found it amusing that this carnival kept "headhunters" from Nigeria manacled and on display. I mean, isn't that sort of a human rights violation or something?

"The Death Flyer" was the better story here. A ghost story, it managed to have its creepy moments although the ending was dangerously close to an "it was all a dream" kind of thing. Otherwise it was okay. All in all, an unremarkable but fair.