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Wolverine - Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, Paul Smith You ever re-read a book or comic that you thought was awesome as a kid and realize that as an adult it does not have quite the same impact? Yeah, sometimes things impress you as a kid differently than they do as an adult. It's always a little disappointing. Happily, this did not disappoint. This collection has the four issue limited series that I saved up to buy as back issues when I was a kid PLUS issues #172 and 173 of The Uncanny X-Men. I still have the originals, but it's nice to read these together in a collection. They complement each other well.

The Wolverine limited series still carries a lot of weight for me. Chris Claremont's writing brings Wolverine to life. No one writes Wolvie quite like he does and to borrow from Wolvie's catchphase, Claremont is the best there is at what he does, bub. And I'm still a big fan of Frank Miller, at least the pre-right wing paranoid nutzoid Frank Miller (who knows, maybe he always was. At least he didn't used to be so obvious about it). Miller can sure as hell draw fight sequences.

But the clincher for me was the inclusion of X-Men #173 in this collection. I was around ten when I bought this, my first issue of the X-Men, for six dimes at a bookstore that no longer exists. After reading this issue many, many times over I decided that I wanted to join the X-Men, be Wolverine's best friend and marry Ororo someday. Boy, kids are sure dumb, huh? But even though I was a dumb kid, these stories here still carry appeal to me as an adult and are probably my fondest comic book memories ever.