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Doppelgangster - Laura Resnick Esther Diamond isn't your typical urban fantasy/paranormal romance heroine (and by typical, I mean compared to what is currently popular in that genre). She doesn't carry around a samurai sword and doesn't have tattoos in provocative locations. She doesn't have an arcane and mysterious background. She's not tough-girl sassy. She's just a single woman trying to make ends meet while pursuing a career as an actress and a romance with a good looking detective she knows.

Thank goodness for all that. not that there is anything wrong with the typical, I guess, but I wasnt looking forward to another cookie-cutter tough girl and I found Esther to be a happy surprise. She unwittingly gets embroiled in a supernatural plot, but she does happen to have a 350 year old wizard as a friend to help her out. Her would be boyfriend, Detective Lopez (what was his first name? She always called him Lopez.) thinks she's crazy. The poor girl can't get a break.

The book was hilarious. I've never read any of Resnick's other stuff, but she clearly has a talent for humor. Also, the supporting cast members were great. This was sort of a light read, but it was so damn funny I had to bump it up a star.

And "Doppelgangster"...heheh...the title still cracks me up.