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Die Trying - Lee Child I read this a while back and I should have written a review. I have a general policy that everything with less than three stars should have some sort of explanation for it.

I think the thing that did it for me regarding this title was the fact that Reacher spent a good amount of time captive, stuck in the van. The beginning was awesome, but then he got stuck in the van and then...ehhh...I got bored. Of course, this picks up later, but by then I was zoned out. I dunno. Maybe it was because I read it on my Kindle (I greatly prefer paper).

Also, I don't give much of a crap about anything people are doing unless they are Reacher. All that stuff, the FBI guys working, bored the hell out of me. Turned out, it was kind of important, but the "twist" was pretty obvious (but no spoilers here).

And the "love" scene came from left field. I'd never think of getting it on under those circumstances.

I am writing this from a full-on Reacher fan point of view--I love the character! Honestly, reading these books is a mini-vacation for me from my rather hectic life. I really do cherish that escape. But this book was more of a chore. At some point I'll revisit the book and see if I feel the same way. Right now, there are other Reacher stories to read. Thank goodness for books that I don't have to get all cerebral about and can enjoy just for the kick-ass awesomeness.

As an aside, and nothing against Tom Cruise per se, the movie, when it comes out, will be purely non-canonical for me. This is an election year, right? VOTE DOLPH LUNDGREN AS JACK REACHER. Amirite?