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Tripwire  - Lee Child A fair amount of suspension of disbelief is required and, like other books, Child's portrayal of the U.S. Army has its share of goofiness to anyone who has actually been in the army. Nevertheless, I found the pacing and the plotting to be spot on and makes for an ultra fun and engrossing ride. There is a good amount of story from the points of view of the other non-Reacher characters. I don't usually care for this. I enjoy the first person Reacher narratives the best. In this case, though, it worked for me, keeping the tension up. I will even forgive Reacher's use of the lame line about Jodie's dress looking better in "a heap on the floor." That line was never cool. I have to believe he was trying to be ironic. But once you get over these little bits it's a tense, fun mystery with just enough head-busting action and violence. As usual, the badguy, Hook Hobie, was reprehensible. Child has a knack for making some real asshole villains.

Btw, who woulda thunk that Jack Reacher's favorite painter is Mondrian? And that he hasthree distinct shower routines. It's trivial, but these little funny quirks are part of what makes these Reacher novels fun for me.