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An Artificial Night - Seanan McGuire I enjoyed it. I really did. Some bits kind of bugged me, though. Maybe it was because I hadn't read the first two in the series, but it was hard for me to get a grasp on all the characters and their relationships. There were a lot of characters. Not all were major, mind you, but enough to keep me at a distance. Also, the pronunciations of the various names were kind of hard for me. I guess that's not so important, but I kept having to refer to the pronunciation guide just for comfort. To be honest, it was easier to just gloss over the exact pronunciations, and I appreciate that a lot of the names were Celtic in origin, but it still kind of bugged me. Not a killer deal, though.

Part of the time in the latter portion I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. I know that this was fantasy and that there were a lot of fantastic elements, but I still had to re-read some of the passages to figure out what the heck was happening.

Still, I loved October Daye. Despite the fact that I wasn't "in love" with the story, I kept wanting to see how Toby made it through.

Three stars, so, for me, it was definitely good, even though it lacked that "something special" to push it to four. That's largely subjective, though. I'd definitely recommend it to others. I might not read another October Daye novel just real soon, but Seanan McGuire's got it goin' on and I have Discount Armageddon in my queue.